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'12 Artifical Intelli Rmx '12 Artifical Intelli Rmx

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Peter, I salute you

You've remastered my #1 favourite song of yours and injected it with liquified epicness.
If you can still remember my review for the original (on the 10th page of comments as of now) I'd like to add that this is more fit for a trailer of some kind. Hell, I'd be cheering for you if you would ever get a chance like that.
All I can still say is that despite there haven't been that much uploads, your music keeps improving. May your talent continue to bloom and may your dreams become a reality.

-Horakoeri (still a big fan of your music)

Apocalypse 2012 Apocalypse 2012

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Hahaha, that's the best part about the year 2012, everybody thinks the world's gonna end. The Maya's stopped their calender as it just restarts just as you could choose music to loop ;)
A classmate of mine was so convinced of all the 2012 ranting that I began to laugh with him, he warned me that the world would really end. I told him I could keep laughing with him until the day the world would happen to end, so I could enjoy all the months laughing while he could only get less then 24 hours in the end. Ain't that the best deal ever? :D

Anyways, back to the music now.
The music has that typical 'PeterSatera vibe' as usual, you could recognise it without reading the author. The music fits an apocalyptic themed video/game.
Conclusion, (cliche response incoming) earcandy


[TC] Epic Orchestral WIP [TC] Epic Orchestral WIP

Rated 5 / 5 stars


i'd say call it either 'Unfinished businnes' or 'Facing destiny' as this song gave me a story in my mind of a knight, aided by some friends, running towards a big host of enemies which he alone can defeat, the fate of light, the fate of mankind, lies in his hands...

-Horakoeri (fan, writer and weird person :D )

Winter at the Castle Winter at the Castle

Rated 5 / 5 stars

what can i say...?

good job as usual...?
All of your music is awesome to the core, keeps giving me inspiration (stop it, i have too many ideas for my book now D: is gonne be too long)which is still a good sign.
At the beginning i imagined a giant winter wonderland (more specificly a city, inspired by Minas Tirith, covered under snow)while somebody narrates about the past happenings.
at 0:55 the camera goes into the castle, you see the new queen (as the king died some weeks ago)standing before a fireplace. The main characters are present as well in the room.
At 1:05 the queen tells of the happenings in the land as they were gone to fight the darkness. The Snowfall Holiday was soon to start while the war still rages on. Diplomatic relationships have improved providing new allies and enough food is being stored all over the land so nobody shall know the word 'hunger'.
at 1:55 Ernest Dharis (A Men from Falbrios [but actually a Zariothan noblemen])and Miligen Arnhout (An Elf, the princess of the Elven kingdom Dornof)(the 2 main 'main' characters)are alone, having a private conversation. They talk about what has happened in the past, things only they know. At this point in the story they finally reveal to each other that they love one another...


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Bosa responds:

You hit the nail on the head there. I wanted to give people an opportunity to allow the song to stimulate their imagination, and let themselves tell their own story towards the meaning of the song. I'm glad you put your story here because I always enjoy hearing what you and others have to say -- including your stories. Thank you for listening and reviewing, please keep in touch with me as I will be submitting more music as time goes on.

[HoS] Neon Night [HoS] Neon Night

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

not what i expected

due to the beginning i expected something else when the song 'starts', but instead i got surprised with something i didn't see coming. I liked that :)
i only gave you a 9(instead of a 10)because it could always be 'darker' :P


Broil Meats Grill Broil Meats Grill

Rated 5 / 5 stars

catchy tune :D

nice and fun lyrics :P
and @Sixxophrania
drop the idea, otherwise epic meal time would only get views for the song :3

The Love of Marion The Love of Marion

Rated 5 / 5 stars

my's so touching....

despite i can't understand what hania was singing i can still hear the emotions in her voice that translated everything for me. The lonely of the young man, the weariness writen by has it all...
All i can say is that this enlarged my definition of epicness once more. and i'm not sure if it can get larger now :)
Also, i've been lurking on your page to see when the new music har arrived to listen and gain inspiration for my book(which could really fit this music)


Bosa responds:

I've got something new coming up that I'm sure you're really going to enjoy..

Quest of Eve Main Theme Quest of Eve Main Theme

Rated 5 / 5 stars

you sir...

are amazing...a source of inspiration...
i've been wondering how i should put my it through the eyes of the main character or let a person tell the tale...
well, you helped me without even knowing it.
Here is the changed intro

My name is of no importance, i am old, aged and war-hardend.
But of all tale's i heard in my life, there is one that was never writen down.
It was the tale that all knows, for the whole world is mentioned in it.
The tale of Ernest Dharis, savior of the world, protecter of the Light.
Some say he was a half-god, others say he got lucky in his adventures.
The reason it was never writen down you ask me...?
For there was nobody close enough to tell the tale how it happened...
Nobody...except from one person...Miligen Arnhout.
Princess of the Great Elven kingdom of Dornof, Commander of the Bladesingers...and my mother...
She passed away some years ago...she reached the age of 241...but she didn't die of age.
She died by the hands of a demon, his name is Wutham(he who corrupts), also known as the Darkness.
As you should have figured out, Ernest was my father, but i never knew him, for he went missing in 730 AL(After Luminus).
Also known as 0 AF(After Fargoth{=Near-Doom}) or the new age.
But i am dwindling of the topic, as i tried to mention, i found my mothers diary.
The one she had near her when the Fargoth was nearing, it contained a detailed description of all events in their travels.
The fight before the gates of Darswing where the great dwarven king was slain.
The journey through the desserts of the Zeiphos homelands in the continent of Darkness.
The Surrender of the leaders of Darkness...
It contains all of it.
And here i am...
lonely and alone...
The bloodlines of both the Arnhouts and Dharisses shall be lost along with me...
So before i have to leave i shall write down their tale so the world shall always remember what happened, how the world was almost devoured in an endless pool of darkness...and how my parents stopped that from happening...
Let me begin...

"This is a widelly known tale, for it involved all species known in this world.
None was neglected, all were involved. And know i am here to write its events down.
This is the tale of the Fargoth, this is the tale of Ernest Dharis and how he saved the world from disaster..."

Dark Age Dark Age

Rated 5 / 5 stars

nah,don't be angry

for i am going to write you a lil piece of my book :3
i followed Ornios(Son of Darkness)inot the caves as he fled as a wounded deer, for he was mortally wounded.
"Give up mortal...! You cannot wish to win this fight...! It is a fight between the gods!" He yelled at me in the darkness.
"Then you are mistaking...this fight was passed to mortals long ago." I replied.
I could hear him grunt faintly from above me and did not hesitate, one swing from my blade and i sliced his chest, but it did not matter as he healed himself.
"Fool! You still don't understand! Mortals are our toys! You live because we needed you. You excist because we allow you to! And you shall perish when we command you to!" He screamed while attacking with his giant claws, afterwards he tried to impale me with the tentacles from his back.
I was able to avoid both of them but knew that without the help of Nirthos(God of Light)i could do nothing...

Mad World Cover Mad World Cover

Rated 5 / 5 stars


i like listening to your covers...but only noticed the more recent :P
and now i found mad world!!!
DUDE,you made my day(once more) :D