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if feeling for it...

2010-11-10 18:37:53 by horakoeri

hey guys and welcome to my...what's it called again?doesn't matter...i'm making this post for the people who are music on NG.
i would like to ask if you could help me,i'm writing a book and lett people read a litlle bit of it(they liked it,hellz yeah),and it's my dream,my wish,my...can't think of anything else.
but what i was trying to say is,when i am able to make the game i would need some badass music for it,music for tragical scene's,chase's,death,and victory...whatever fits in a space-adventure-shooting book.
i already found some music fit for certains scene's and asked permission,only needs it getting approved,but still need a lott.
so if there are maestro's out there who wants to make a boy happy and have spare time,please help me out.
i will listen to everything that has been send and will reply as soon as possible.
and if i am able to make my dream reality,i promise you will get credit for the music,i won't need it,everyone knows i suck at creating it :P

for the persons who would like to help me,send me a mail.
see you guys later
PS: -please tell this to fellow NG guys/friends so it can go faster.
-sorry for my sometimes crappy english,it's not my main language.